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Information technology (IT) sector is growing rapidly and its presence is felt and also required for any industry's successful operation. IT has a major role in strengthening the overall business growth. And with globalization, transfer and availability of information should occur without any time lag. This applies to all contemporary business. And it created new challenges of managing secure and authentic access to online resources, which are scattered across a wide range of internal and external computing systems within an organization. And safeguarding the intellectual and knowledge capital is as important as safeguarding the physical assets.

Latest technological based solutions can provide identification, authentication, data storage and application processing

Needs :

With the use of computers and modern communications in all kind of business, it has become extremely important to ensure security of information and assets. Organizations frequently must evaluate, select, and employ a variety of IT security services in order to maintain and improve their overall IT security programs.

IT security services (e.g., security policy development, intrusion detection support, etc.) may be offered by an IT group internal to an organization, or by a growing group of vendors. Individuals who are responsible for selecting, implementing, and managing IT security services for an organization must carefully review the necessary processes and procedures, weigh a host of available options, and select resources that can be entrusted to optimally meet IT security program requirements. Which is an important task and it is important that the organization chosen to provide the solution should exactly understand the business requirements.


Coresonant® team understands the industry needs and has come up with unique solutions and products to suit an IT based organization.

   Smartcard for corporate industry which encompasses many a solution.

Apart from this, below products can be easily customized to suit the organization's needs