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Global economy has undergone fundamental changes over the last decade. Growth in investor interest is driven by strong economic growth, rising foreign exchange reserves, quality and cost competitiveness and encouraging Government policy-making. The strong level of economic growth required in recent years has led to an expansion of industry, commerce and per capita income. This in turn has fueled demand for infrastructure services including energy, transportation, telecom, water supply and urban infrastructure of an individual country.

Infrastructure Industries are the core of a country or region's development. Their biggest strength lies in production of goods and services, and distribution of finished products to markets. Hence maintaining the quality and originality of their goods is the key to their strength. Counterfeiting is an infrastructure industry's biggest enemy.

Needs :

A few of the many difficult or critical areas in infrastructure include:

   Project completion on time and within budget
   Improve on-site safety
   Asset Management and Tracking
   Supply chain management
   Information Security & Confidentiality
   Overall process efficiency
   Accurate and real-time work force management
   Equipment handling management

Technological solutions are the need of the hour. With technological advances like RFID, NFC, Biometrics, accurate solutions to suit the need of any given infrastructure company depending on individual requirements can be created.


Experienced, trained and certified team at Coresoant® has provided and can provide different solutions to overcome these problems. Some of our products developed to cover these problematic areas include:

   PVID System
   Automatic Vehicle Identification System
   Parking Management System
   Tool Tracking System
   Electronic Toll Collection
   Equipment & Asset Tracking
   People Tracking
   Perimeter Monitoring
   Time & Attendance

Apart from these we develop customized solutions by gathering information like:

   Quality data
   End users of the data
   End users expertise levels(to train them)
   Finally customer expectations like
   Ease of use
   Services provide
   Security and trust in both public and private institutions.

Our solutions provide adequate standards of security, respecting interception and access, acceptance of the basic confidentiality of organization during implementation and application.