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Manufacturing industry's main concern is the overall real-time visibility of the entire process and access control. Manufacturers today look to technology to help them run more efficient operations that help minimize production down time, optimize material and parts inventories, improve and maintain optimal labor output.

RFID, Biometrics, NFC and other latest technologies help in successful integration of physical and logical security.

Key Benefits:

Applications built around these latest technologies can help report immediate deviations and exceptions to any process. Thus reducing process errors.


Detection of process errors improves ability to track at item level reducing the impact of quality recalls.


Maintaining current item information on tag or card is ideal for managing production of complex or customized products and assemblies, eliminates the need for separate paperwork on assembly status and content.


Can automatically notify the central product database when each process has been completed.


Real-time tracking of inventory, part kits and sub-assemblies.


Field personnel can use RFID tag information to determine product features, date of manufacture, revision levels.


Technology usage can eliminate costly mistakes resulting in fewer manufacturing errors due to wrong parts used or wrong specification settings.

Future manufacturing environment requires controlling equipment from remote locations as well as onsite locations. This kind of flexibility can be achieved with combination of RFID and Biometrics.

Coresonant understands the capabilities of the various technologies and their integration with software. This gives us an edge in planning and implementation of a cost effective and valuable solution for the industry. Our customized solutions can reduce overall operating costs, labor costs, minimize claims and returns, and thus increase operating profits.

Our company's hardware and software products apply the power and security of RFID, NFC, fingerprint biometrics, CCTV etc. to everyday life. Our products and solutions are targeted for use by the average consumer, small businesses, corporate enterprises of all sizes and government sectors.