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Security is a very important and integral aspect of any industry. The huge private manned guarding sector remains unregulated. And dependency on password security is mostly dependent on password fatigue and human behavior. These factors are making major companies, industries and enterprises of various sectors search for alternate solutions. They are taking care in setting aside budgets and emphasizing on a provision and up-gradation of the electronic protection measures.

Security industry is now concentrating on following quality certifications for selecting the man power and standards are being formulated for equipment, suppliers and installers. Certification is mainly based on performance and professionalism.

The major security related areas being


Corporate Security


University Security


Bank Security


Rail Security


Retail and Store Security


Industrial Security


Building Security


Business Security


Oil and Refinery Security


School Security


Tunnel Security


Subway Security


Port Security


Control Station Security


Law Enforcement Security


Sport and Stadium Security


Military and Defense Security


Border Security


Event Security


Cargo Security


City Security


And many more

We, at Coresonant, understand the complexity and dimension of the electronic security systems in various sectors of industry. Coresonant's expertise in various technologies enables us to create varied products and custom solutions to suit the requirements of the Security industry.

Our company's hardware and software products apply the power and security of RFID, NFC, fingerprint biometrics, CCTV etc. to everyday life. Our products and solutions are targeted for use by the average consumer, small businesses, corporate enterprises of all sizes and government sectors.

A few of Coresonant®'s solutions to overcome the problems in Security industry:

   PVID System
   Guard Patrolling System
   Personnel Tracking Solution