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With the changing economic scenario numerous factors have enhanced the need of transportation. Factors such as:


Globalization of markets


International economic integration


Removal of barriers to business & trade


Increased competition

It is one of the most important infrastructure requirements which is essential for the expansion of opportunities and plays an important role in making or breaking the competitive positioning.


Transportation, like all industries is largely influenced by information and communication technologies with the focus being on knowledge of customer needs and value added services.

Transportation modes are various like:


Surface transport


Cargo Road transport


Rail Transport


Air transport and more

In today's business big or small, domestic or global, the value of time is clearly immense. And with various mode of transportation to chose, the focus on timely and reliable delivery of goods in the global market has become imperative.

Following factors are to be considered:


Efficiency in pick up


Timely delivery


Timely information


Availability of other infra structural facilities for efficient handling of cargo

The industry is judged primarily on the following key parameters:


Speed of distribution


worldwide service


Security and reliability


Value added service


Customer care


Transportation factors also influence and affect the overall logistics of an industry. Logistics face a continued battle against fuel and transportation costs. A firm might be transporting goods to one city for a client when another has mentioned a similar destination to a different member of the sales team who has failed to record it. Understanding what a new or existing customer wants, can be the difference between profit and loss for a logistics firm.
Coresonant understands the logistics of a business and has successfully given solutions to the same.


Coresonant® provides various solutions to overcome the problems in Transportation industry.


Automatic Vehicle Identification


Parking Management System




Automatic ETC (Electronic Toll Collection)

To suit the needs of a Logistics industry:


File & Document Tracking System


Asset Tracking System