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Imagine how many assets are on the books of companies, Imagine the risk of loss, theft or misappropriation of these assets are exposed to daily, Imagine a system where miniature tags can be attached to each asset preventing their movement and
generating an alarm should they be moved or tampered with, this is Asset Shield.

Asset Shield is a simple solution utilizing static (motion sensitive) tags to detect an asset which should not be moved, has in fact been moved, alternately for assets allowed to be moved within the premises. Asset Shield provides an alarm condition for tamper (of the tag) and locks the door when an asset is detected in an entrance way, should the door be open or forced, a full alarm is generated.

21st century technology, experience and state of the art electronics combine in a system designed to protect assets, using a simple IT platform the assets are tagged and their tag numbers entered into a database, from here the system is automatic.

The system is designed to link in to existing technology such as access control systems in order to lock doors, CCTV systems to record an alarm event and security desks to alert security which asset and w exit to allow for quick response.

The system once set up can continue to operate even in a power failure or computer down time per ensuring your assets remain yours! Alternative solutions are available for monitoring valuable items during production line processes and throughout the distribution chain.