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Biometrics technologies are likely to be the vital component in tomorrow's security systems, as governments and private enterprises worldwide emphasize establishing the positive identity of people in high-security areas to prevent unauthorized access. Basically, a biometric is a physical or behavioural feature or attribute that can be measured. It can be used as a means of proving that someone is who they claim to be, or as a means of proving without revealing their identity that they have a certain right.

Types of Biometric Authentication Modes:
The collection of Biometric characteristics is done using a device called a Sensor, it is used to acquire the data needed for verification or identification and to convert the data to a digital code. The quality of the device chosen to capture data has a significant impact on the recognition results.
A biometric system operates in Verification Mode or Identification Mode. In verification mode the system validation of a person identity is performed by comparing the captured biometric data with the biometric template stored in the database and is mainly used for positive recognition. In the identification mode the system captures the biometric data of an individual and searches the biometric template of all users in the database till a match is not found. Biometrics which are commonly used to confirm identity include:

   Fingerprint Recognition.
   Iris Recognition.
   Face Recognition.
   Hand Geometry Recognition.
   Vein Recognition.
   Voice Recognition.
   Dynamic Signature Recognition.

Key Benefits:

The various biometrics systems have been developed around unique characteristics of individuals. The probability of 2 people sharing the same biometric data is virtually nil..

Most websites and server-based applications run on particular computers or servers. What differentiates the cloud from the way those are set up is that the cloud utilizes the resources from the computers as a collective virtual computer, where the applications can run independently from particular computer or server configurations. They are basically floating around in a “cloud of resources”, making the hardware less important to how the applications work.

Non sharable:
Biometric property being an intrinsic property of an individual, it is extremely difficult to duplicate or share (not like how we share our passwords).

Tough to loose or misplace:
A biometric property of an individual cannot be lost unless there is some serious accident.

In conclusion, biometrics is a technology that can simplify the process of authentication and can be best used in situations where specific identity or exception identity is desired.