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CoreJewel is new age inventory & stock management system which effectively records inventory at the jewelry store. CoreJewel enables near real-time inventory tracking and reporting of precious stock across the store. It brings the prime advantages of RFID technologies to offer high visibility of stock.

CoreJewel Package offers
   CoreJewel Inventory Software (CIS)
   CoreJewel Database
   CoreJewel Terminal Unit
   CoreJewel RFID handheld scanner

CoreJewel Inventory Software imparts intelligent functionality to RFID handheld readers
   The software is installed on the RFID Handheld scanner. For greater convenience, parameters are set for the RFID Handheld scanner applications, such as groups, rules, user profiles and more using PC/laptop.
   A unique set of interfaces, specially designed for handheld devices, ensures intuitive, user-friendly operation. At any point in time, all data that is stored in handheld readers can be uploaded and synchronized with the CoreJewel database via WiFi, Bluetooth or USB connection.
   This new approach, combining the powerful intuitive parameter-driven CIS with the technical capabilities of advanced handheld scanners, opens an entire new area of applications for handheld RFID devices for both Online and Offline operation.

Key Benefits :
   Enhances Sales Personnel Productivity : The exceptional automating of the inventory management & stock taking needs will enable the store personnel to concentrate on sales and customer service. This will considerably decrease errors which are result of tedious manual work.
   Reduces Operating Costs : As the inventory check is done more frequently and in less time than the conventional methods identification of theft and loss is much quicker there by reducing the overall operating costs.
   High Visibility of Inventory : The constant update of the inventory in the database results in high visibility at any given moment.
   Opens New Opportunities : CoreJewel Solution offers latest customer trend information if required thus making planning and execution of promotions and events much easier.