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Coresonant custom-designs integrated software, hardware and network solutions for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), including All Electronic Tolling (AET), Open Road Tolling (ORT), cashless tolling, violation enforcement systems, automated access systems, automatic vehicle identification (AVI) and full support for legacy, mixed-mode and cash inclusive systems.

Coresonant device servers are particularly well suited for this electronic toll collection system because they offer the industry's lowest latency. Particularly in heavy traffic locations, electronic toll collection is a polling-intensive application. This heavy polling is increased further when multiple jurisdictions (at predetermined intervals) access the smart tag reader or reposition the camera. Coresonant's high performance device servers in ultra low latency mode offer the speed and reliability required to keep electronic toll collection systems functioning flawlessly.

   Increases patron convenience and safety with nonstop payment
   Improves traffic flow
   Reduces patron commute time
   Reduces traffic congestion
   Lowers patron fuel use
   Reduces emissions which are a major cause of pollution
   Reduces need for new roads
   Reduces operating costs for toll authorities
   Provides proven reliability and Unparalleled accuracy
   Vehicles enter specific lane at e-tag issuance booth for toll plazas.
   Vehicle Owners give required data: identification number, registration number. of vehicle, vehicle make etc.
   Tag is issued and advance toll is paid by vehicle owner e-tag pasted on vehicle’s windscreen.
   Vehicle with e-tag can now drive without stopping through specified entry/exit lanes at toll plazas.
   Recharge at e-tag issuance booth, different service areas or exit lanes of motorways.

   The system can be deployed at toll plazas on motorways or highways
   Real time control, monitoring and management of all entry exit points by the authorities
   Rechargeable credit mechanism
   Smooth reconciliation of collected toll
   Provides comfort to frequent travelers
   Time saving on entry / exit points
   Easily configurable and modifiable
   Real time monitoring of toll plazas
   Generates different customized reports such as financial and traffic turnover
   Entry/exit management.