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Gate Pass Management System:
Materials play an increasingly critical role in the profitability of your business operation. Coresonant is perfectly positioned to provide you with a tailored solution which has
been designed with adherence to satisfy your material tracking needs now and in the future. 

This exhaustive module not only tracks movement of materials (as defined based on the business of the user), but also has the facility to generate auto escalation mails to the relevant Departmental Heads to report anomalies. Your material ordering quantities can now be monitored as this module enables the tracking of quantities of materials on hand and also assigns an employee responsibility to every asset.

Coresonant Barcode based Gate Pass Management System (GPMS) uses to track material movement into and out of a facility of a campus.

The GPMS system comprises of
   Gate Pass Management System Software
   GPMS Database
   Portable Terminal Unit
   Barcode Printer
   Barcode Scanner

The features of the GPMS
   Standalone system that does not require any additional software or IT infrastructure
   Simple, easy, & highly intuitive for use by low-skilled personnel
   Low cost yet reliable system for tough use at the gates
   Web based system with access from any system within the organization
   Individual login & password based access into the system
   Administrator has comprehensive control & authority
   Can store the material details with quantity.
   Superior search feature to lookup material by sender, vehicle, date, etc.
   Advanced search feature to lookup material received or dispatched over a time period
   Summary & detailed reports on multiple parameters such as date, sender, company, and more
   Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, CVS or Text format.
   The system is open for integration with any existing software including ERP.
   Track the movement of all Materials.
   Create any number of sub registers for Material like IN, OUT, etc.
   Flag material movements as returnable and non-returnable.
   Generate auto escalation mails for non-returned materials to all concerned persons on Weekly and Monthly basics.
   Generate auto escalation mails for asset moved to the asset owners.
   The material details can also be modified, added, and removed separately.
   Material details modification restricted if the materials return entry exists.
   Make partial return entries and track pending quantities.