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The oil and gas sector is under mounting pressure to improve operational and financial results, while continuing to meet the expected demand for energy. And latest technologies are showing some significant positive results.

A variety of application areas, such as lay down yards, production facilities, service centers, oil rigs, refineries, pipelines and more can benefit from use of technological solutions.

Needs :

Technological solutions in oil and gas sector are required in the following areas:


Exploration and production.


Throughout the crude supply network and the refining process.


In the transportation and distribution network.


To ensure that pipe work joints are properly assembled in the crude supply chain.


Ensuing the right parts and torque pressures are being used during the assembly process.


Ensure that their processes meet safety and audit requirements.

Technology Benefits:

With technological advances like RFID, NFC, Biometrics, CCTV, Smartcards, GPS and more accurate solutions can be designed to suit the requirements.

Some of the areas where these technologies can benefit the oil and gas industry are:

   Assistance in refinery operators to identify key inspection points and provide the audit trail required to meet audit standards.

Significant improvement in adherence to inspection protocols of critical components such as valves, flanges and pressure settings.


Successful usage throughout the distribution network from managing trucks down to the actual shipments.


Key assets can be tracked throughout the entire oil and gas distribution supply chain.


Technology can make sure that repairs and maintenance are done on schedule but only when required or specified.


It can be used to monitor cleaning schedules of tankers.


Coresonant® has a complete range of active, semi-passive and passive solutions for most oil and gas application requirements.


Inventory Management


Asset Tracking


Yard Management


Asset Life Management System


Employee Monitoring and Safety

Apart from these, solutions can be custom made for numerous tasks from pipe work to refinery checks to tracking trucks and mission critical assets. All our solutions and products are aimed to be easy to install and use. They can withstand harsh conditions and remain operable for long periods.