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RFID based Solution for Yard Management
RFID based Solution for Yard Management Yard Management (YM) is a component of ERP Enhanced Warehouse Management and is also available with SCM Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). Yard Management extends the visibility of stock and vehicles beyond the four walls of your warehouse. It provides advanced visibility and planning capability of expected vehicle arrivals and departures as well as visibility of containers accompanied by status, assigned documents and owner/carrier information.

Yard Management enables the optimization of door and dock utilization and also the management of cross docking door assignments. The reporting capabilities allow alerts to be triggered when action and decision support is required. It also facilitates improved planning and communication with the carriers collecting and delivering to a facility. Efficient equipment yard inventory management requires the ability to automatically track how much inventory is on hand, where and to whom it is being delivered, how long it has been outstanding and how often it is used. Existing manual equipment inventory management methods can sometimes work, but as the volume of equipment or activity increases, the need for automation is paramount to running an efficient and profitable operation.

The Benefits of RFID for Yard Management
   Yard Management System deals with managing and tracking of the inventory within the yard with the help of a graphical user interface.
   Categorizes and accelerates up the decisive loads.
   Supplies visibility into inbound and outbound transportation.
   Fixes up the appointments based on kind of the shipment and the load configuration.
   Schedules and manages the dock doors.
   Helps carriers to formulate the appointment requests.
   Tracking of the assets and movements of the yard with the help of the radio frequency identification (RFID) tasking.
   Offers guards check-in and check-out functionality in order to provide efficient guarantee appointment management and uphold security

How it Works?
When the driver begins their shift they log-in to an on-board vehicle mount computer, such as the Motorola VC5090, which will associate them with that vehicle and any action performed by it. At this point, a pick-sheet appears on the driverís screen directing the driver where to go, or alerting the driver of itemís that need to be picked throughout the entire yard on a map which shows the closest items to the driverís location. They then select that pick-item which removes it from every other driverís queue, eliminating the possibility that two or more drivers are going to pick the same item.

The driver is directed to the itemís location via an on-screen map as well as beeping alerts that let the driver know when they are close to the item. When they reach the item, it is loaded, and the RFID reader verifies that the tag on the item corresponds correctly to what is to be picked. They are then directed to move the unit to a specific geo-fence area. When it is unloaded the GPS reader will verify that it is placed in the area.

Worker Benefits
   Workers can focus on picking and not locating items or noting their location Ė all items are automatically tracked.
   Workers donít have to leave their vehicle to scan barcodes Ė the RFID tag will alert them which item it is, even in inclement weather such as snow or fog.
   Workers have real-time visibility to every item in the yard. Using sensors mounted on fork-lifts and cranes
   Workers can even have a 3D view of an itemís location.
   Fixes up the appointments based on kind of the shipment and the load configuration.
   Schedules and manages the dock doors.
   Reduction of errors and fatigue due to improved efficiency.

Management Benefits
   Workers are more efficient as part of their duties is now performed automatically.
   Reports can be generated showing how efficient each worker is, how many items they pick and/or move throughout the day or how long each driver takes to pick each item.
   Have instant visibility to yards, knowing where each item is at any one time.
   Improve carrier scheduling and appointment processing.

RFID providing real-time visibility of all your yard activities, managing yard operations becomes an integral part of your supply chain management practice which enables you to:
   Workers are more efficient as part of their duties is now performed automatically.
   Speed up gate processing
   Centralize appointment booking
   Manage your docks more effectively
   Clear up choke points
   Link with ERP, WMS and TMS
   Optimize switcher moves
   Increased Asset Utilization
   Automated Equipment Yard Management Check-in/Check-out
   Real-Time Inventory and Visibility
   Your Complete Solution to Improved Visibility and Operational Efficiency for Automated Equipment Yard Inventory Management
   Real-Time Inventory and Visibility